Marissa Lott is a recent graduate of Northeast High School in Clarksville, Tennessee, and was a 2019 Shropshire Scholarship recipient. She was an active Junior Civitan from the 6th grade to her senior year of high school. “There were so many opportunities that I was fortunate enough to partake in through Junior Civitan,” Marissa shared. We all know what a big transition college is, and having the Civitan scholarship has taken some stress off Marissa. “Moving away from the town I have lived in for the majority of my life is already intimidating. Not having to worry about whether or not I could manage it monetarily has allowed me to focus on other pertinent areas in this time of my life,” Marissa told us. “My first semester of college has been an incredible, challenging, and exciting time. I am involved on campus through our Freshmen Senate, a branch of Student Government. I am blessed to have been elected President, and I spend most of my time when not studying or working on leading that organization. I have used the skills Junior Civitan has taught me to succeed in that position, and I find it very fulfilling.”

We are proud of Marissa, and thankful for her dedication to Junior Civitan and to her community during her middle and high school years! The applications for the 2020-2021 Civitan International Shropshire Scholarships are now available. If you have been a Junior Civitan for at least 2 years and planning on furthering your education after you graduate in 2021, you are eligible. Click here to learn more about the scholarship and apply today.