Junior Civitan is a service program for youth tailored specifically for training young people to become “Builders of Good Citizenship” in the home, school and nation. Its purpose is to develop initiative and leadership in order to encourage youth to live a fuller life enriched by unselfish service to others and with a commitment to make the world a better place.





Become A Member

Start working alongside others who are giving back to their schools and communities. Click here to join a club.

Lead Your Community

Take your membership to the next level by serving as a club officer. Speak to your club advisor about opportunities to lead at the club level.

Lead Your District

Serve your district and develop the leadership skills for tomorrow. Contact your district chair to learn more about serving at the district level.

Lead Junior Civitan

Join service-driven individuals from across the world and lead at the internatoinal level. Reach out to your district chair to find out how you can apply to serve on the Junior Civitan International Board.


I am a Junior Civitan:

An aware citizen of today,

The standing promise of tomorrow.

I seek to meet the needs of our world,

To be progressive in a world of change

With compassion and understanding for

The values and traditions of the past.

I value the security of knowing

That wherever I am

I will always be within reach

Of a fellow Civitan.

I dedicate myself

To society and to my fellow man

With a commitment

To make the world a better place.