Junior Civitan International will elect 5 new members of the International Board this summer in conjunction with our virtual international convention. Positions available are President, Vice President, and (3) International Directors. The following gives more information to interested students about who is eligible and important dates to note.

Qualifications to run for International President:

  • Club in good standing
  • District in good standing
  • Junior Civitan member for 2 years
  • Past club officer
  • Past, current, or newly elected Governor OR past member of the International Board

Qualifications to run for International Director:

  • Club in good standing
  • District in good standing
  • Junior Civitan member for 1 year
  • Past, current, or newly elected club officer

Click here to review the specific bylaws and policies that Junior Civitan International has in place for its’ international officers.

Why run?

Being a member of the Junior Civitan International Board is the highest level of leadership that a Junior Civitan can hold in our program. The International board makes decisions on behalf of the entire program during formal board meetings, learns the ins and outs of what being a member of a non-profit board is all about, oversee Junior Civitan district leaders, serve as ambassadors for the program, and more.

“Running for international office was by far, one of the best decisions I have ever made. It gave me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a leader, not to mention left me with unforgettable memories and lifelong friends!”

Hadden Fulgham, International President (2017-2018)

Board Member Responsibilities*:

  • Attend and contribute toward quarterly board meetings
  • Lead monthly Governor’s training sessions
  • Contribute ideas to assist in the planning of: All In Summit, Dance-a-thon/Kick It, and International Convention
  • Serve as a liaison for a group of Junior Civitan Governors to assist and aide them and their district’s efforts throughout the year

*Most of each board members’ specific responsibilities lie within the decisions that they make at the first board meeting of the year. For example, if during that meeting, the board decides to implement a new incentive or program, then specific responsibilities related to that effort will be tasked of them.

Important Deadlines and Campaigning Information:

  • MAY 1 – Any candidate interested in running must submit their intent to run to World Headquarters. This intent to run can be an email to emily@civitan.org stating the person’s name and position they are interested in running for.
  • JUNE 1 – Upon declaring their intent to run, candidates will receive a Candidate Packet that includes a Certification Form. This form is due by June 1 in order for the candidate to run for office.
  • JUNE 2 – Candidates will record their campaign speeches via Zoom. (Details about the speech, its length, etc. will be provided in the Candidate Packet they receive upon declaring their intent to run). When a candidate submits their certification form, they will select a time slot for June 2 to log into a Zoom call on this day to record their speech.
  • JUNE 6 – All qualified candidates will be allowed to begin campaigning. Candidates will receive the email addresses of all certified voting delegates and are free to campaign via email, social media, etc. Candidate biographies and their recorded speeches will be both provided to the candidate as well as published on the Junior Civitan website and advertised via Junior Civitan’s social media accounts.
  • JUNE 15-22 – Virtual voting takes place. All certified voting delegates are to cast their votes during this week.
  • JUNE 25 – Virtual Convention takes place and results of the election will be announced. Officers will be installed.

If you have any questions about running for an international office, please contact emily@civitan.org.