We’re happy to roll out the first SPOT Leadership Training webinar in this first month of the new year. SPOT Leadership Training is designed to provide club and district officer training and general leadership webinars to Junior Civitans all over the globe through online forms of communication. Its focus is to aid in the development of our members’ leadership skills throughout the duration of their time as a Junior Civitan.

The first webinar is titled “Implicit Bias Training” and is facilitated by Past International President, Cambron Bice (2016-2017). Implicit biases are the unconscious attitudes and stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions. By implementing this training, we hope to create a more understanding, aware, and inclusive culture in your Junior Civitan club, community, and everyday life. We hope that this training sparks some beneficial conversation that challenges you in your understanding of yourself and your interpretation of others. This training was created to be watched with others to facilitate beneficial conversation.

To access this training for use at a future club or district event, click here.