Is your club struggling with recruiting new members during these uncertain times? The Junior Civitan International Board has provided a list of things your club can consider incorporating into your membership recruitment campaign to help your club achieve a membership increase!

  • Utilize social media. Create a club account and post pictures from service projects to help explain to potential new members why they should join your club. Ask each existing member to share the club’s account on their personal social media pages to gain more followers and attract new members.
  • Talk to your school admin or student government association about hosting a virtual club event where club leaders in the school can host breakout rooms for each club to speak with interested students.
  • Talk to your school admin or student government association about hosting a drive-thru club day where club leaders in the school can host booths in the school parking lot and invite prospective students to drive thru the different club tables to learn more about the club.
  • Send out a mass email to your entire school telling them about your club and inviting them to join. 
  • Offer a virtual option for all club activities so that students who are attending school virtually can be a member. 
  • Dedicate a specific meeting, project, or even a month where all club members are encouraged to “invite a friend.”
  • Submit a request to put an ad in your school’s newsletter, on your school’s website or social media accounts, etc.
  • Create digital and/or virtual flyers and send it to all teachers in your school asking them to post the flyer in their classroom or virtual classrooms. Consider creating a QR code to add to the flyer to make it easy for students to learn more!
  • Have club members talk to their teachers and request to speak for a few minutes at the start of class to tell others about the club and encourage them to join.
  • Create a short video about your club and have each member post it on their social media account and/or post it to your club and school accounts

Has your club done had success doing something else? We’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment below or send an email to