By: Cambron Bice, Junior Civitan International President (2016-17)

Meet Arianna Womack, the 2022-2023 Junior Civitan International President and the 50th leader of Civitan’s longest-standing program. Arianna attends Shawnee Heights High School where she is a member of the Shawnee Heights High School Junior Civitan Club. She has enjoyed being a Junior Civitan since 2019, not only because of the positive impact she is able to make on her community, but also because of the impact the organization has made on her personally. Prior to serving as International President, Arianna has served as an International Director, District Director, Lieutenant Governor, and Club President. Upon graduation, Arianna plans to attend the University of Kansas where she will enroll in their honors college program. She will be double majoring in Computer Science and Political Science while pursuing a minor in Spanish. She hopes to stay involved in her school and community through Civitan, Leadership Greater Topeka, League of Women Voters, and other organizations while in college. Once obtaining her undergraduate degree, Arianna plans on attending law school to become a civil rights attorney. Arianna considers being a member of Junior Civitan a blessing as she has “had the opportunity to provide services and make memories with the community.” Some of Arianna’s favorite memories with her club are volunteering with their annual Christmas event, Festival of Trees, as well as hosting the track event for Special Olympics. Arianna considers being a member of Junior Civitan a blessing as she has “had the opportunity to provide services and make memories with the community.”

This week, Junior Civitan will elect it’s 51st president. Over the last 50 years, the program has seen a diverse group of leaders in this top role including 22 females and 28 males. The past international presidents (PIPs) each left their mark on this program in their own unique way and the program is better because of their leadership. Thank you PIPs for your service to Junior Civitan and thank you Arianna for serving Junior Civitan International as the program’s 50th president!

  1. Elliot Bossen (1973-74)
  2. Donnie Winham (1974-75)
  3. Louis Stephens (1975-76)
  4. Max Croft (1976-77)
  5. Walt Pickett (1977-78)
  6. Tommy Akins (1978-79)
  7. Kirk Schroder (1979-80)
  8. Greg Bell (1980-81)
  9. Steve Snypes (1981-82)
  10. Randy Peeler (1982-83)
  11. Robert Chandler (1983-84)
  12. Mike McCormick (1984-85)
  13. Susan Kirtland (1985-86)
  14. Matt Thomas (1986-87)
  15. Jennifer Eakin (1987-88)
  16. Kim Pittman (1988-89)
  17. Rhonda Thompson (1989-90)
  18. Roxane Olsen (1990-91)
  19. Melissa Brim (1991-92)
  20. Cynthia Ann Webb (1992-93)
  21. Chris Dickert (1993-94)
  22. Amy Richardson (1994-95)
  23. Ashley Hogue (1995-96)
  24. Tim Parker (1996-97)
  25. Dave Wilkins (1997-98)
  26. Leigh Ellen Spiceland (1998-99)
  27. Jolene Wormald (1999-00)
  28. Scott Sowell (2000-01)
  29. Arthur Bryan, II (2001-02)
  30. Marie Greig (2002-03)
  31. Mary Broadwater (2003-04)
  32. Megan Greig (2004-05)
  33. Jessica Morrow (2005-06)
  34. Walker Wilson (2006-07)
  35. Tom Rogers (2007-08)
  36. Elizabeth Santos (2008-09)
  37. Jarryd Boyd (2009-10)
  38. Matthew Pendleton (2010-11)
  39. Dale Davis (2011-12)
  40. Ashley Witcher (2012-13)
  41. Ankur Kumar (2013-14)
  42. Preston Albertia (2014-15)
  43. Kali Wilson (2015-16)
  44. Cambron Bice (2016-17)
  45. Hadden Fulgham (2017-18)
  46. Danni Jo Grider (2018-19)
  47. Victoria Bailey (2019-20)
  48. Ethan Fabian (2020-21)
  49. Kyndall Herring (2021-22)
  50. Arriana Womack (2022-23)