Junior Civitan International is launching a new spin on one of its’ traditional fundraising events, Dance-a-thon! This new spin encourages our local clubs and districts to hold their own event at the local level in an effort to help raise money for our program as a whole as well as our individual clubs and districts. Dance-a-thon can be carried out in a number of ways, but is designed to be a team, peer-to-peer fundraising event. The planning club or district will invite groups of people to form teams and register for the event. The funds raised from this event will not only support your Junior Civitan club, but also the Junior Civitan program as a whole.

Who can host this fundraising event?

This event is designed to be organized by our Junior Civitan clubs or districts.


  • Invite students at your school or community to form teams and participate in the dance. We suggest targeting other clubs, sports teams, friend groups, etc.!
  • While your club members will also be the event organizers and volunteers, we also encourage your club to create a team as well to set an example for the other teams participating.


  • Invite each club in your district to form a team and participate in a district-wide Dance-a-thon. We highly encourage the district to invite other schools in the area to participate in an effort to get the word out about introducing Junior Civitan to their school.

How does the fundraising portion of the event work?

The event host should charge a registration fee or require the purchase of a ticket for each team or team member to allow them to participate. After registering, each team and individual should be encouraged to raise funds leading up to the event and the event host should offer various incentive levels to encourage teams to fundraise.

The teams will register through the main event page on TeamRaiser and all funds will be received by Civitan International. Following the conclusion of your event, Civitan International will total your event’s earnings and split the proceeds with the event host 75/25. In other words, 25% of your earnings will go towards the Junior Civitan program as a whole, and 75% of your earnings will be sent back to you.


A full toolkit will be available to clubs/districts who decide to move forward with one of these events. Contact to learn more!