This year’s annual Junior Civitan All In Summit event was held from Feb. 23 to Feb. 26 at the Alabama 4H Center in Columbiana and included travel to Birmingham to visit the research center. All In Summit is a four day leadership conference for Junior Civitan members (middle and high school students), whose annual fundraising efforts contribute substantially to the CIRC donation. This year the Junior Civitans raised $41,301 for the CIRC! 

This year’s event had 28 Junior Civitans in attendance. All In Summit event theme this year was “Experience the Magic of All In Summit!” The keynote speaker for this year’s event was Brian Reaves, an award-winning illusionist, author, and speaker. With a positive outlook and humorous tone, Brian communicates his message using a magical touch. He presented his signature “Powerful Words” topic.

During the Summit the Junior Civitans were able to experience two other speakers and team building activities. Civitan Denise Phelps lead The Magic of Building Connections that focused on how to evaluate your social circles, leverage your personal strengths to expand your circle, and strengthen your connections. Professor Dave Esworthy lead Conceptualizing Leadership which focused on different styles of leadership and how those styles are needed in different settings. After the workshops the Junior Civitans went and participated in a rock-climbing wall or an archery lesson.

The Junior Civitans visited three learning stations at the CIRC which included a talk with researchers about autism, a hands-on interactive session to display the brain’s rapid plasticity in response to altering visual input through prism goggles, and a station where scientists displayed a human brain that had been donated for educational purposes and described the components of the brain.

The FCIDD (Foundation for Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) was excited to present a $10,000 Matching Grant for the 5th Annual Junior Civitan All In Summit! The FCIDD has been a partner with Civitan International for the past 10 years in many different projects. This was the first year that the Matching Grant funds were available to all the Junior Civitans that were fundraising for the All In Summit. Bill Garrett, executive director of the FCIDD also attended the event on Sunday and shared the foundation’s excitement about continuing to support the mission and research to support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Thank you to all of the Civitan Clubs and Civitans that gave to the All In Summit. This year’s event would not have as great as it was for the Juniors without your generous sponsorships! Next year’s event will be February 21st.