Virtual Event

June 24, 2023 | 12:00 PM Central

$10.00 Per Person



Timothy Alexander knows what it takes to beat the odds. No matter the obstacle that comes his way, he’s determined to persevere and endure until the end. His drive helped him become a college football player when many believed that dream was impossible due to a car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. During Timothy’s session, he will tell his story and challenge those in attendance to live a life of resilience. He is a living example of his quote: “We don’t need it to be easy, we just need it to be possible.” Read more about TA here.



Registered voting delegates* will cast their votes on a new slate of officers for the International Board the week prior to the convention. Results of the election will be announced during convention. Click here to see who’s on the ballot for this year’s election.

*Voting delegate registration has closed.


International Award* winners will be announced during a program called The Civis at this year’s virtual convention. Join us to see who will take home these coveted awards!

*Award applications have closed.