Making a Difference

Junior Civitans around the world make a real difference every day! Every club is unique and helps the community in their own way. Here is a quick look at just a few of the fun, meaningful service projects our clubs take on.

Lancaster, SC
Each week, Junior Civitans volunteer for the Backpack Feeding Project. They pack and send home backpacks with weekend meals for elementary and middle school students in need.

El Camino, CA
This club cleaned up their neighborhood with the SUN (Supporting Urban Neighborhoods) project. Junior Civitans worked on landscaping, minor construction, and picking up litter to beautify their neighborhood.

Chateauguay, QC
This club organized a fun, safe Halloween dance for junior high school students from four local schools in their area.

Bishop Moore High School, FL
Each month since 1994, members of this Junior Civitan Club have volunteered to serve dinner at a local homeless shelter in Orlando.

CF Vigor High School, AL
Junior Civitans teamed up with Habitat for Humanity to help a senior citizen whose home was in need of repairs. When they left, the house had a new deck, new siding, and a fresh coat of paint!

New Albany Middle School, MS
Club members crafted signs and props for a local musical starring children with developmental disabilities.

Lakewood, SC
This club organized a Disability Awareness campaign for their entire school! Junior Civitans set up stations to show fellow students what it felt like to have a physical, learning, or other disability.

Chiles High School, FL
Members set out baby bottles at their high school to collect spare change for the March of Dimes. In a single day, they collected more than $700 in spare change!

Oak Grove High School, MS
This club turned their school’s courtyard into a sensory garden, in which students can learn about nature. They built stone paths, planted flowers, and installed a small pond.

East Rowan, NC
Since 2010, East Rowan Junior Civitans have taken on a surprisingly heavy project – eliminating junk mail from their school! By calling companies that send unsolicited junk mail, they are able to cut hundreds of pounds of junk mail each year from their school’s mailboxes.

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