Districts & Regions


Here are the Regions and Districts of Junior Civitan. Region and district boundaries are specified by the Civitan International governing documents. In North America, every Junior Civitan club belongs to a geographical District, and every District is part of a Region. Outside North America, clubs are listed by the country in which they are located.

Districts are listed by region, with their district number in parentheses.

North America
Region One
Alabama Central (1)
Alabama North (2)
Alabama-West Florida (3)
Magnolia (24)
Mississippi North (29)

Region Two
Florida (17)
Georgia (18)
South Carolina (38)

Region Three
North Carolina East (32)
North Carolina West (33)

Region Four
Cardinal (34)
Chesapeake (10)
New England (31)

Region Five
Canadian West (9)
Canada True North
Canadian Northern Lights

Region Six
Appalachian (4)
North Central (25)
Valley (41)

Region Seven
Great Southwest (19)
Heartland (35)

Region Eight
California (7)
Heart of the West (5)


Clubs at Large
Sierra Leone

Note: The geographical locations above are where there are currently active Junior Civitan clubs. If you or another volunteer would like to start a Junior Civitan club in an area not listed above, wonderful! Just contact Junior Civitan Headquarters to find out how to get started.

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